Child Care Health Consultation (CCHC) service supports Keystone STARS practitioners in implementing best practices in health and safety through the use of a registered nurse. The Child Care Health Consultant uses the age-appropriate Environment Rating Scales and other tools to assess health and safety policy and practice at an ECE or SAC facility. The Consultant then works with the practitioner to develop an action plan that addresses challenges and areas for improvement.

Are you sick of classrooms full of runny noses?

Are you worried that the children you serve need vision or dental screenings?

Are you having a hard time with Personal Care Routines?

Do you need more support on health and safety practice?

How can a Child Care Health Consultant help you?

  • Provide on site technical assistance with health and safety issues
  • Support sites in creating and implementing model health and safety policies and procedures
  • Support sites in tracking illness and designing interventions to prevent illness
  • Provide community health and safety resources
  • Provide on site professional development

To request Child Care Health Consultation for your site, please download the request form by clicking here.


  • Registered Apprenticeship in EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION

    An Early Childhood Education Career Pathways Partnership to develop straightforward, articulating career pathway steps for Pre-K workers, including the Registered Apprenticeship in Early Childhood Education.

    CLICK HERE for more information.


    A PARTNERSHIP WITH THE Mayor's Office of Education:


    CLICK HERE for more information

  • Direct Deposit

    Get your grants and awards faster!!

    SERK wants to help practitioners receive their grant payments as quickly as possible. You can do this in part through direct deposit payment. Payments will be transferred directly to your bank accounts and providers will be notified by email when the transaction occurs. CLICK HERE to download the direct deposit form.

“I love Keystone STARS. I have a degree in childcare, but the Keystone STARS program showed me what I was doing right and where I needed to improve.”

– Patricia, Montgomery County

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